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As companies grow, all reach a point at which there is substantial benefit to carefully, consistently automating core business processes. Unfortunately, when many companies reach this important stage, they are often sold what is referred to as "a database." Most discover all too soon that simply putting information into a database results in only incremental gains.

On the other hand, a properly designed enterprise system can substantially improve the businesses processes it models. Six-Sigma and other BPI techniques can be used during the evaluation and planning phases to make processes measurably more effective, and those improvements and metrics can be codified into the software itself.

The results are greatly reduced operational and training costs, increased productivity, new insight into both current business activities and developing trends, and occasionally even entirely new avenues of business. Many companies build databases, but Vanguard helps you create opportunities and provides your enterprise with the tools it needs to foster continuous and never-ending improvement.

And Vanguard's extensive enterprise application integration experience ensures that these systems can integrate seamlessly with a variety of accounting and ERP packages.

Vanguard works with you and your team to understand how your business will develop and grow and ensures that your software systems accurately incorporate both your present needs and your future goals.

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