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Vanguard began operations in 1995, incorporated as a yugen-gaisha in 1997, and re-incorporated as the kabushiki-kaisha Vanguard, KK in 1999. Vanguard is now one of Tokyo's most innovative and fastest growing software companies. We specialize in enterprise systems, e-business solutions and Internet-based systems.

Vanguard pioneered multilingual e-commerce in Japan and introduced simple, secure payment systems for wireless commerce. We are well known for our ability to find simple, elegant solutions to "impossible" problems, and we have an uncanny ability to turn Byzantine technological problems into simple, profitable business opportunities.

Vanguard's ability to help companies improve their effectiveness and bottom line stems not only from the quality of the software we build, but from our ability to understand our customers' business goals. Vanguard understands business needs in business terms. We work hard to understand how our clients needs are going to evolve as their organizations expand, and we embody that potential in the software we write today.

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